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Changes, Updates, News
SEPTEMBER 2007 - New site design. Content re-added as format changes made.
AUGUST 2007 - Site content removed pending design updates.
JANUARY 2007 - New blog to replace social life.

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Professional Stuff
Content temporarily removed pending pretification.

Personal Projects
Photos & descriptions of the quilts I've made.
Old Polyester suits quilt
Street sheets quilt
Old pants quilt
Freebox Jeans quilt (current project)
Pendleton Blanket quilt (planned)
Worsted Woll Apliqué quilt (planned)

Other content temporarily removed pending pretification.

 Off-Site Links
Yamabushi Mon Amour
It's a personal blog about whatever. This one, which is at Wordpress, may just stick for a while. It's at

Garden Log
Don't call it a blog (even though it's at I started this.. uh, glog? so that I could keep track of what I did in my garden--when I planted what, when things bloomed or were ready for harvest, etc.. You'll cry from the excitement of it all. I swear. It's called Meet Farmer John.   Please Note: This blog has not been updated in years and is now defunct.

Web Work
A very short list of the many websites that I've either designed, enhanced, maintained, or something along those lines:

• My Flickr photostream,, which covers both recent events and a selection of pictures from my distant past that I've scanned for glorious posterity.
• Some utterly scintilating vacation photos of Mexico, San Francisco, and rural Georgia at Covers the 2000-2002 period.
• Genealogoy related images -- ancestors, places they lived, census images, etc. -- at a dedicated Flickr photostream.

 Contact Info

World Headquarters
3720 SE Caruthers St
Portland, OR 97214

A pox on your house, if you misuse my contact information.